Mar. 2000 Founded as Cyber-Biz Inc. (now ZAPPALLAS, INC.)
Mar. 2000 Through consigning design, development and management of mobile contents, commenied B-to-C e-commerce operations
Jun. 2000 Began distribution of content to i-mode and launched digital-content business
Apr. 2001 Changed our company name to ZAPPALLAS, INC
Feb. 2003 Relocated our headquarters to Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo
Mar. 2003 Opened our official i-mode shop and commerced mobile commerce
Apr. 2004 In the term ended in April 2004, lannchrd 22 new sites with fortune-telling content, and secured the top share in “fortune-telling”
May. 2005 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers market
Nov. 2005 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of G-Plus Co., Ltd., a mobile-phone retail company
Feb. 2006 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of Ares & Mercury Co., Ltd., a company performing planning, development and production of mobile-phone-oriented content
Jul. 2006 Relocated our headquarters to Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo.
Jul. 2007 With the aim of tapping into new areas of business in our mobile business, formed a capital and business alliance with Transcosmos, Inc.
Apr. 2008 Transferred some of our shares in Ares & Mercury Co., Ltd. to Transcosmos, Inc., which changed from a consolidated subsidiary to an equity-method affiliate
Feb. 2009 Performed a market shift to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section
May. 2009 Acquired some of Nikkatsu Corporation’s shares, with a view towards expanding in the areas of movie content and mobile content of movie and image characters
Nov. 2011 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of B×E Inc., which plans and sells organic cosmetics
Apr. 2012 Liquidated our subsidiary, G-Plus Inc.
May. 2012 Launched Fujimaki Department Store, an e-commerce site to hanble a variety of Japan- related masterpieces
Nov. 2012 Relocated our headquarters to Shibuya, Tokyo
Dec. 2012 Liquidated our equity method subsidiary, Alles & Mercury Inc.
Dec. 2012 Established a subsidiary, Zappallas, Inc. (U.S.), acquired Daily Insight Group (DIG), a divination business, from NameMedia, Inc. and started overseas business
Dec. 2013 Acquired PINK Inc. , a subsidiary handling travel-related business
May. 2015 Sold BXE Inc. shares, removing it as a subsidiary
Aug. 2015 Spun off Fujimaki Department Store and established caramo Inc.
Oct. 2015 Sold caramo Inc. shares, removing it as a subsidiary.
Jul. 2017 Relocated our headquarter Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo. 
Sep. 2018 Established cocoloni, Inc. and Wanaps, Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries to be consolidated as a result of corporate separation.
Aug. 2019 Absorbed and merged Wanaps, Inc.. 
Dec. 2019 Consolidated subsidiary cocoloni, Inc. acquired all shares of concourse, Inc., which became a consolidated subsidiary. 
Dec. 2020 Established fortune-teller production company, Luck Out, Inc., as a joint venture with Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings, Co., Ltd. 
Mar. 2021 PINK, Ltd. was excluded from the scope of consolidation due to the sale of shares of PINK. 
Apr. 2022 Transferred from the First Section to the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 
Jul. 2022 Head office moved to 3-51-7, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.