Mar. 2000 Founded as Cyber-Biz Inc. (now ZAPPALLAS, INC.)
Mar. 2000 Through consigning design, development and management of mobile contents, commenied B-to-C e-commerce operations
Jun. 2000 Began distribution of content to i-mode and launched digital-content business
Apr. 2001 Changed our company name to ZAPPALLAS, INC
Feb. 2003 Relocated our headquarters to Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo
Mar. 2003 Opened our official i-mode shop and commerced mobile commerce
Apr. 2004 In the term ended in April 2004, lannchrd 22 new sites with fortune-telling content, and secured the top share in “fortune-telling”
May. 2005 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Mothers market
Nov. 2005 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of G-Plus Co., Ltd., a mobile-phone retail company
Feb. 2006 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of Ares & Mercury Co., Ltd., a company performing planning, development and production of mobile-phone-oriented content
Jul. 2006 Relocated our headquarters to Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo.
Jul. 2007 With the aim of tapping into new areas of business in our mobile business, formed a capital and business alliance with Transcosmos, Inc.
Apr. 2008 Transferred some of our shares in Ares & Mercury Co., Ltd. to Transcosmos, Inc., which changed from a consolidated subsidiary to an equity-method affiliate
Feb. 2009 Performed a market shift to Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section
May. 2009 Acquired some of Nikkatsu Corporation’s shares, with a view towards expanding in the areas of movie content and mobile content of movie and image characters
Nov. 2011 Acquired a subsidiary in the form of B×E Inc., which plans and sells organic cosmetics
Apr. 2012 Liquidated our subsidiary, G-Plus Inc.
May. 2012 Launched Fujimaki Department Store, an e-commerce site to hanble a variety of Japan- related masterpieces
Nov. 2012 Relocated our headquarters to Shibuya, Tokyo
Dec. 2012 Liquidated our equity method subsidiary, Alles & Mercury Inc.
Dec. 2012 Established a subsidiary, Zappallas, Inc. (U.S.), acquired Daily Insight Group (DIG), a divination business, from NameMedia, Inc. and started overseas business
Dec. 2013 Acquired PINK Inc. , a subsidiary handling travel-related business
May. 2015 Sold BXE Inc. shares, removing it as a subsidiary
Aug. 2015 Spun off Fujimaki Department Store and established caramo Inc.
Oct. 2015 Sold caramo Inc. shares, removing it as a subsidiary.
Jul. 2017 Relocated our headquarter Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo.